The Good Shepherd sheep a day with Year 6

Year 6 were visited by Britney Shears, from the Good Shepherd Project. We started the day with algebraaaaa, Britney taught us the importance of resilience as we worked together to solve some tricky calculations.  After learning algebraaaaa, we took Britney outside and played ‘Hide and Sheep’. While some children were blindfolded,  the rest of us made baa sounds to try to guide them to the lost sheep. We had to work as a team, the people who were blindfolded also had to trust their partner to keep them safe.

During break, we took Britney onto the trim trail. We made sure that she felt part of our class by including her in our games. We also took Britney to visit our Lent  prayer room. She enjoyed sharing the pretzels, we learnt that a monk invented them by shaping scraps of leftover bread dough to resemble arms crossed in prayer over the chest.

In ICT, we learnt how to photo shop a image of Britney Shears and superimpose her onto different backgrounds. This taught us to be careful not to believe everything we see in the media because we were able to make it look as if Britney was really in these different places.