The Good Shepherd Project

The Good Shepherd Project aims to support schools to recognise and celebrate that they are part of the Diocese of Gloucester family. It is a deanery based project, with one sheep going around the schools in each deanery.

We received the sheep from Ruardean School, on its journey through the Forest schools. One of the first tasks was to give it a name. Mrs. Dowding led worship telling the story of The Lost Sheep and then in line with our British values we held a democratic vote to select a name- each class had put forward a suggestion. The winning name was Britney Shears!

Each school has been asked to decorate the sheep in an individual way, we chose to paint the sheep with the dove that appears in the stained glass window in our church and also in the entrance to our school. Mrs. Connor and a group of children carefully traced the outline onto the sheep and then painted it.

As well as this, we filled in a diary entry of how the sheep has been involved in the school and included photos and samples of inspired school-work from each class.