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School Uniform

To give our children a feeling of being part of our school and a sense of identity, all children are required to wear our school uniform which consists of:

  • Sweatshirt – pillar-box red with the school badge
  • Jumper or cardigan – pillar-box red with the school badge
  • Blouse/shirt/Polo shirt/T shirt – Pillar-box red
  • Trousers  – grey (joggers are allowed for very young children who find managing trousers too difficult.)
  • Knee length skirts/Pinafore dresses   – plain grey
  • Socks/tights – red, white, or grey

Please note black is not a school colour and should not be worn.


Additional Summer Options

  • Dress – red and white gingham
  • Shorts – grey school shorts (not sports shorts)
  • Cardigan – pillar-box red with the school badge


School uniform can be purchased from the following retailers:

Gooch Sports,
2 Church Street,
Gloucestershire. GL18 1PP

TEL: 01531 821084 or place order online.

Ross Labels
Tel: 01989 769000

Mitcheldean Endowed Primary School
We currently have a limited stock of school sweatshirts and cardigans in school

Reversible fleece/showerproof jacket and school bookbags can be purchased through school.