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Reading at Mitcheldean Primary School

Reading is taught in school through phonic groups in the lower years and through ‘Guided Reading’ once children are able to decode with confidence. We use a synthetic phonics scheme called Read, Write, Inc. Children are regularly assessed and taught in small groups by their stage of learning rather than their age. This means that the teaching is accurately focussed on the needs of each child. The regular assessment means that children are moved groups to match their progress. Children read from carefully graded books both fiction and non-fiction to reinforce their learning.

Once they are secure in their phonics they progress to our reading scheme which is composed of books from a wide range of schemes which have been levelled using the Cliff Moon system. As well as these individual books children take part in guided reading groups this involves a group of children with similar needs reading from the same book along-side the teacher or trained teaching assistant. The text is discussed to develop comprehension skills. Reading books come home to give the children the opportunity to read, generally at a slightly easier level to develop fluency and expression .

Children are also heard to read individually, if they still need to, as extra practice either by the teacher, teacher assistant and/or parent helpers. Some children also have extra help with reading from Mrs Brown our Special Needs Co-ordinator or a member of her support team.

Children are also encouraged to read widely from the range of books in the classroom. Once children are fluent readers they become ‘free readers’ and choose from a wide range of reading material. Children are guided in their choice towards books of different genres, books by the same author or on the same theme, books in a series and classic novels. Children will enjoy reading if we find them the right books to read.

We promote reading as an enjoyable activity and try to organise events and activities to give children a positive experience of reading for example author visits, reading displays and reading to younger children which is always a popular activity.

Parents can help their children’s progress by listening to them read regularly at home, acting as a good role-model by reading in front of their children, joining the library, giving books as presents and reading with children.

If parents have any questions about reading staff are always willing to discuss and make suggestions.

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