Category: Year 6

Year 6 Experience Easter

Experience Easter is an initiative bringing together local churches, schools and communities to share the story of Holy Week and Easter. This is an imaginative approach to help children experience Easter through six  interactive stations set up in different parts of the church. We thoroughly enjoyed the experience and learnt about the different parts of …

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The Good Shepherd sheep a day with Year 6

Year 6 were visited by Britney Shears, from the Good Shepherd Project. We started the day with algebraaaaa, Britney taught us the importance of resilience as we worked together to solve some tricky calculations.  After learning algebraaaaa, we took Britney outside and played ‘Hide and Sheep’. While some children were blindfolded,  the rest of us made …

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Arts week- recycling!

During Arts Week, Year 6 used just some of the plastic bottle tops that had been collected over the week- mainly from our milk bottles- to make a bottle top mosaic.  We designed a picture to represent our forest then, using the hot glue gun, stuck the individual tops down. The finished artwork is going …

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