Category: Year 6

Making nets of 3D shapes

The children used a range of apparatus to build nets of 3D shapes, some children used the Polydron, others used Kinex and some made them out of paper to investigate which faces met when folded into the 3D shape.

Discovering relatives

Timmy brought in a photograph and some very old documents about his Great, Great Grandfather who fought in WWI. Prior to being a soldier he had played professional football for Portsmouth FC. We did wonder if he would have taken part in the Christmas truce football match!

A timeline of wars

Working together,and using only the clues given, the children organised important wars into chronological order. There were some excellent investigation skills being used such as: this must be an older photograph as it is black and white, this is a modern photo because they are using modern day tanks, this must be the Vietnam war …

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