Category: Year 2

D&T Sewing

We have been designing and creating animal hand puppets as part of our Habitats & Living Things topic. We began by sewing around the edges to make a glove, a bit of a challenge for those of us who had never sewn before! Some of us can now even thread a needle! Then it was …

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Egg Buggy Races!

Year Two have had great fun today testing out our buggies which we designed and made over the Easter holidays. We raced them to carry out fair testing. Some were fast, some travelled a great distance in a straight line. Others were the most imaginative and colourfully designed.  Above all they all had to carry  …

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Easter Experience

Thank you Father David for sharing the Easter Experience with us in church today.  We loved telling you what we have already learnt at school and having the opportunity to act out the Story of Easter.