Category: Year 1

Reception and Year 1 Clearwell Caves

Reception and Year 1 children had a lovely trip to Clearwell Caves. They got to meet Father Christmas and received a present. We saw the story of ‘Evie’s Aeroplane’ which was enjoyed by all the children.  

Reception and Year 1 Enterprise – Your kind donations raised an amazing £127.23

Reception and Year 1 sold their Christmas crafts for a donation to the Acorns Children’s Hospice Trust.   Your kind donations raised an amazing £127.23.   The children enjoyed acting as ‘shopkeepers’ and were very attentive!    

Children in Need

We had a ‘Spotacular’ day at school today where the children wore spots and all donated £1 to the Children in Need appeal. Mrs Kennaugh made a wonderful cake and we all had a go at guessing how many spots on it. The winner was Harry!