Category: Sports and Dance

Soccer 7

On Friday the school football team went to Forest High School to play in the Soccer 7 tournament. The boys played three matches against other local primary schools. Despite playing very well, the team lost their first two matches but then in the last match they drew 1-1 (Tyler Yr6 was the goal scorer). Thanks to …

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Family Fun Run

The annual ‘Family Fun Run’ was again a huge success with over 175 entries from all ages. It was lovely to see our children running alongside previous pupils, pre-school children, parents and other family members. The event helped to raise money for our building fund and the Mityana Charity (a charity that supports the Buyinja …

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Year 5 Gymnastics

Our OLI today was to be able to perform a bridge.  We watched a presentation with different stages of making a bridge and then worked individually to be able to make the best bridge we could make.  Everyone made great progress and some children wanted to be photographed.  See if you can work out who …

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