Category: Year 6

Jan 18

Bronze in the Athletics Competition!

The Sportshall Primary Programme provides an exciting and highly popular introduction to athletics competition. School teams consist of a minimum of 9 girls and 9 boys. They may compete in a maximum of two track and two field events, drawn from the following: On the track: 1 + 1 Lap Relay; 2 + 2 Lap …

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Nov 18

The Mannequin Challenge

Our OLI in gymanastics was to be able to balance on apparatus.  We thought that we would like to have a go at the Mannequin Challenge. Here is the link to our video.  We think that we did quite a good job, what about you?!

Nov 18

Children in Need

We had a ‘Spotacular’ day at school today where the children wore spots and all donated £1 to the Children in Need appeal. Mrs Kennaugh made a wonderful cake and we all had a go at guessing how many spots on it. The winner was Harry!