Category: Year 5

Jan 18

Forces Galore!

Year 5 had a fabulous and exciting afternoon with Dave Watts from Cheltenham Science Groups investigating forces.  They were able to create hover CDs, race balloons on string, set off rockets and build cotton reel vehicles.  

Dec 12

STEM Works Day

Last Wednesday, Year Five were lucky enough to take part in a KNex day. They worked in teams to build fairground rides, which they then controlled using computers. The children had a great day ad learnt some very valuable lessons in DT, science, maths, computing and team work!  

Dec 12

Year Five Enterprise.

For our Enterprise this term Year Five made star decorations and bird feeders to sell at the Christmas Fayre. The children even came to the fayre to help sell their items. In total we raised £40, which will be donated to Forest Pulse. The class decided they wanted to give to local children and the …

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