Category: Year 5

Mar 03

Science in Action

Our Science focus this year to have lots of hands on learning in lessons. Today a small group of year 5 children shared their learning with the whole school in our sharing service.  They carried out a shortened version of an investigation to find out which shape is the most streamlined.  

Jan 31

Measuring Water Resistance

Today we investigated which shape has the most water resistance using plastercine, water, a jug and a stop watch.  Next lesson we will analyse the results and draw a graph.          

Jan 18

Bronze in the Athletics Competition!

The Sportshall Primary Programme provides an exciting and highly popular introduction to athletics competition. School teams consist of a minimum of 9 girls and 9 boys. They may compete in a maximum of two track and two field events, drawn from the following: On the track: 1 + 1 Lap Relay; 2 + 2 Lap …

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