Category: Year 5

Jun 20

Poems to learn for Arts Week

As part of our Arts week children are given the opportunity to learn and recite poems. Reception Poetry for Arts Week Year 1 Poetry for Arts Week Class 2 poems Year 3 Poems Year 4 poems Year 5 Poetry for Arts Week Year 6 Poems  for Arts Week

Jun 09

Young Scientist Day – Cheltenham Preparatory College

A group of five Year 5 children spent the day being the Scientists.  They were able to construct buildings which held 3 kg of weight, separate the hydrogen from the oxygen in water and looked at the cells of onions and in our cheeks.  A fabulous day was had by all!           …

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Mar 03

Science in Action

Our Science focus this year to have lots of hands on learning in lessons. Today a small group of year 5 children shared their learning with the whole school in our sharing service.  They carried out a shortened version of an investigation to find out which shape is the most streamlined.