Category: Year 5

Dec 17

Christmas Lunch

On Friday, the whole school sat down together to enjoy a Christmas Dinner.  The children were provided with a cracker to pull to start the festivities, after Grace was said.  After eating, the children listened to the Year 6’s singing some Christmas songs.

Jun 20

Poems to learn for Arts Week

As part of our Arts week children are given the opportunity to learn and recite poems. Reception Poetry for Arts Week Year 1 Poetry for Arts Week Class 2 poems Year 3 Poems Year 4 poems Year 5 Poetry for Arts Week Year 6 Poems  for Arts Week

Jun 09

Young Scientist Day – Cheltenham Preparatory College

A group of five Year 5 children spent the day being the Scientists.  They were able to construct buildings which held 3 kg of weight, separate the hydrogen from the oxygen in water and looked at the cells of onions and in our cheeks.  A fabulous day was had by all!           …

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