Category: Cultural development

Jun 20

Poems to learn for Arts Week

As part of our Arts week children are given the opportunity to learn and recite poems. Reception Poetry for Arts Week Year 1 Poetry for Arts Week Class 2 poems Year 3 Poems Year 4 poems Year 5 Poetry for Arts Week Year 6 Poems  for Arts Week

Jun 12

Debating Success

A small team of Year 6 children went to Cheltenham Preparatory college and took part in a debate to say which sport the IOC should remove from the Olympics.  The team chose football and they were so good that they won a Silver medal in the competition.

Nov 02

Newent Cooking

As part of our theme on ‘War’, Year 6 were invited to Newent Secondary school to take part in a whole class cooking lesson with Mrs.Palmer, using the cookery rooms at the school. The children were taught how to make the traditional wartime recipe ‘Woolton Pie’. The pie was named after Frederick Marquis, 1st Lord Woolton …

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